Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautylish's Beauty Social Event

Hello loveys :) It's almost 130am- I should be sleeping by now since I need to rise and grind early in the AM, BUUUUT this couldn't wait, I am just too excited to talk about this! I planned on creating a video as soon as I got home from the event today but I had no time. I got home very late, so here I am... typing around booty call hours! Lol jk.

Some of you may or may not know- I attended Beautylish's Beauty Social Event over the weekend and had such an AMAZING time! I've attended all of the Beautylish events that they've done in LA and it just gets better and better each time. I've met AMAZING people just by attending their events and I am so thankful for that :) I'll talk more about it in my video (which will go up some time this week *crosses fingers), but in the meantime- here is a photo of some of my beautiful friends and I :)

 (Julie (julieg713), Suzy (macNC40), Dulce (dulcecandy87), Christeen (cdiorme), Anne (yummiebitez), ME, Sonia (sccastaneda))

I have more photos to come so please keep tuning in! I will share them with you all as soon as I have the time. Also, I will be talking about the VIP goodie bag in my video!!! They spoiled us SO much, I couldn't believe it! Here's a little sneak peak ;)

PS: I know I'm so bad with this whole blogging thing, I haven't blogged in ages lol! But I do appreciate you all for continuing to follow me on here :) I love you all and good nightie night (or good morning or good afternoon lol)



  1. Can't wait for the rest of the pictures! You all looked marvelous.

  2. soo pretty! looking forward to the vid you'll make:)


  3. I love your videos and I'm looking forward to seeing your vid!

  4. i love your outfit! where did you get it from?

  5. Can't wait to see the video. I loved the outfit you wore. (:

  6. i NEED to know where you got your dress, Heart!!! i am INLOVE with it!!!

  7. Hi Heart! <3 Where are your lovely nude pumps from? Theyre to die forrr :)

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