Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm cray-cray (crazy just in case you haven't heard of that term, lol) over headbands and Arnold is jealous! LOL. Arnold knew how much I've been obsessing over headbands so he bought me a bunch of headbands in different styles/colors. He is so sweet! The one I'm wearing in the photo above is from Forever 21. I'm not sure if they still have it =/

I never thought I can pull of the headband look. That is mainly why I stayed away from them till now. I just don't like how they look when its placed on my forehead.. but I think they look cute when they are placed OVER my forehead. Does that even make sense? Haha, hope so.

Anywho- I hope to post more frequently here. I just need to find time! Hope all is great with everyone <3


  1. Awh you guys are so adorable together! i look up to you so much! You my idol and its like every time i watch your videos you make me smile and laugh. You the type of person i wanna be, just laughing all the way though life and never letting the worst get to you! I really hope you post up more videos soon. oh, and thanks for being the true person you are today!

    Xoxo Deebabe(:

  2. You two are very cute together! ^^ I was given the One Lovely Blog award and I would like to pass on the love to you :) Please check it out at

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  5. Aww you two are so cute toghether(:
    That's so sweet of him to do that!!!
    I love your blog AND your videos(:
    I hope you can follow my blog tooo please♥
    Looking forward to more videos!!!

  6. hehe ;) yeah i feel like i cant pull that look off either, but you look super cute ;) don't worry girly eres hermosa.