Sunday, February 17, 2013


I got home late last night (Friday) and surprisingly I was still wide awake at 2:30am. So, I decided to make me a cup of tea and read some of my favorite books. =)

your best life begins each morning (here), don't sweat the small stuff (here)

my nightstand

this is wear I keep some of my dainty jewelries

I also painted my nails =)

butter london (here)

oh and I received a BEAUTIFUL surprise this morning from StyleHaul. It's for hitting 400k subscribers on my YouTube channel! Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you so much, StyleHaul. =)

That's all for now =) I hope you all enjoyed. I'll be back tomorrow for a NEW post. Would you guys be interested in seeing a "what's on top of my bedroom dresser" post? LOL. Let me know! 

Also, can someone teach me how to "follow" or "subscribe" to other blogs here? I'm such a noob when it comes to using Blogger lol. Thank you for reading!



  1. If you want to follow someones Blog you can do it with the buttons they have on their site.maybe its google friend connect(which you also have on your site), there you just click the button "join this site" or its bloglovin or its blogconnect...
    You can check it out and follow my Blog ;P


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  3. The nail polish is so pretty, I also love anything pink, however, you'll only find glimpses in our house as I feel too sorry for my poor hubby being surrounded by all the girlyness LoL ;) xoxo

  4. Hello Heart :)
    When you sign in to your blogspot home, you’ll see an option of ‘reading list’ on the left side of the page. There’s an ‘ADD’ button below that, click it. And paste the URL of the blog that you want to follow 
    Hope that helped. Lots of love.
    And loved this post :)

  5. Heart! ang ganda mo :) love your videos and you blog!! and most of all i love everything about you!!!! im a very die hard fan! LOL please find time to visit my blog too. ingat ka :) <3

  6. Ahhh need to get my hands on those books :-) xxx

  7. Cute cup! :) Love this DIY xox

  8. Nice pictures in the post, nice style! Book titles look good too!
    Rosie | elephants never 4get

  9. there should be an "add" button when your on your blogger dashboard thing, and then itll pop up a window, there you can paste the url (:

  10. yay you're blogging more!!! :D

    Laura x

  11. On your Blogger Dashboard, you’ll see a ‘Reading List’ on the left hand side, under it is an ‘Add’ button. From there you can paste the URL and click the ‘Follow’ button. Alternatively if the Blog you want to follow has a followers column/box click ‘Join this site’.

    Hope that helps, took me a while to get used to it too :)

  12. Hey Heart!
    Love your videos and blog sooo much!
    Very inspiring!
    Never stop sharing your life with us ;)
    Gonna start blogging myself soon
    Would love you to check it out once there is something worth looking at
    All the best

  13. Hi Heart, just started following u on twitter, youtube & instagram and so excited to enter the give away loving all your videos, watched them all back to back yesterday from Australia...and to follow some one you can go to your dashboard & click on the add button & enter the blog URL you want to follow :) Hope you like curry as this is a good blog :) keep writing & making videos love love love

  14. That nail polish color though..I want it! That is like one of thee pink colors I have been trying to find but haven't had much luck finding that exact shade when painted. Pretty!


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