Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Happy Dance

Ello lavs! I recently went to TJ MAXX and found so many good deals! I was did my happy dance inside the store every time I found a good deal lol. No seriously, I really did =P Ask Arnold!

I'm in the process of redecorating/reorganizing my place and would love to take you along with me =P Let me know if any of you are interested in that.

Alrightie, here are some of the things I got:

room fragrance, which smells DA BOMB $3.99

 pink tulips in vase $14.99

 lotus in a bowl $9.99

 pink dress canvas $12.99

 pink sunflowers in vase $7.99

 journals with inspirational quotes $4.99

I found this pink lighter at target lol. I had to share it =P $2.99

ANDDDDDDD last but not least, *drumroll please* MY NEW HEART-SHAPED PILLOWS! Aren't they adorable? Arnold gave them to me as early Valentines Day gifts =) Thank you my lovie dovie! target for $9.99 each

That's all for nowsies =) LOOOOOVE YOU!



  1. Your room is my dream room. I love everything pink! :D

  2. Wow.

    Your room is gorgeous!

    I love posts like this :)

    Maisy xxx

  3. Interested! (you showing us your decorating process)

  4. great post heart!! please check out my blog if you can and let me know your feedback and what I can improve on! Thank you so much!!

  5. Hey Heart! I just love seeing all of your room decor purchases! It's so funny because I actually bought of similar things too at Target and TJMaxx! :)

  6. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh soooo cute!!!
    Just love everything!
    I wish i could find something like these here in Brazil =(
    It does have nice stuffs here, but they aren't so pretty =/

  7. Whoa,as always-gorgeous:3
    Tell your audience on youtube that you have a blog,it would be a lot more popular:3
    Hope you'll visit mine someday,I would be so happy if you'd leave a comment or follow,things like that means a lot to me;*

  8. Hi heart!!!
    I have always been a subscriber on youtube and super excited to discover this! It literally made my dayyyy!
    I am always inspried by your life in general, i showed your vlogs with Arnold to my boyfriend hopefully we can be a sweet couple just like you two! Oh and now I want to shih tze as well, junior is super adorable!
    Keep up the good work I will continue to support you :D
    Could you post some of the products u purchased for Junior?


  9. Really cute!! Your room is so gorgeous!! :)

  10. i found the same lighter at the 99 cent store today :) and i to tell you the truth i have found a bunch of deals there so just to let you know you might want to head done there its amazing<3

  11. hi thatsheart!!! I love the way you store your pink makeup brushes next to the tulips.But, i was wondering what materials you used to put that together, as well as where you got them from . Thanks a bunch ! <3