Friday, February 8, 2013

My Coffee Table

 tray basket, $7.99 TJ MAXX

 thank you letters, $3.99 TJ MAXX

 fragrance beads, $3.99 TJ MAXX

white tea cup and plate, $2.99 TJ MAXX

a gift from my lovely sista, Anne

 studded candle, less than $10 Michaels

and of course, my baby Junior. His toys are keeping him warm =)

I hope you enjoyed these photos and found them somewhat inspiring =) Let me know if you guys have any requests on what you'd like to see for my next home decor post. Happy Friday!



  1. You have such adorable decor <3 :-)

  2. Love your decor posts!

    My blog:

  3. those are such great ideas! keep blogging! :)


  4. Show us your closet & organization!<3

  5. I love your blog!! Nice pics. Check my page please ;)

  6. love the candle but i would prob never burn it cos its look so pretty as it is

  7. Love all the goodies :-) Junior is so cute! Btw I've been watching your vids and I also adore kissing my babies, I have 3 of them and they truly are my kids hehe so I totally get that ;) xoxo

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