Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blogger App & "Me Time"

'Ello Lavs! It's a cold Sunday night and just thought I'd do a post and share something quickly..

Today, I found out that Blogger has an iPhone app and I freaked out because I can now update my blog directly from my phone! Meaning, I am able to update my blog everyday till you all are sick and tired of me lol. But seriously though, it made me so happy because it will be so much easier for me to show you all some quick iPhone pictures! I always like to think I'm this lil' photographer with my iPhone lol (I'm sure you already know that if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram). The quality won't be as great as my Canon Rebel T3i but hey, at least it's something ;) but don't worry, I won't always be using my iPhone to update my blog.

Anywho! Just thought I'd share to any of those who didn't know about the app :) K loves I'm outtie! I'm about to do some much-needed "me time". Paint my nails, catch on my YT subscription box, eat junk food, etc. (here's a photo taken with my iPhone)



  1. I had NO idea Blogger had an iPhone app!! I tried looking for one before but never found one!! Thanks for letting us now!!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new boots on my blog on Friday, go check them out!! <3

  2. Hi Heart,
    I'm glad to hear that you'll be updating your blog more often, would love to see what you're going to post about in the near future.

  3. oohh heart so cool for sharing this app! you should definitely blog more, i also love your videos:))


  4. Oooohhh, I knew it! I should break bank and get the iPAD already. lol

  5. Mmm, I wish Wordpress had an app! That'd make my life a bit easier >_> Those candy looks delicious, btw :B

  6. I was so thinking about getting that glamour magazine yesterday! I dont think JLO knows how to look BAD.. what is her problem?! lol jk but I opted for the Elle magazine next too it. Just because it had more pages LOL!