Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Met Miss USA

I had the honor of meeting Miss USA, Rima Fakih (she was also on WWE Tough Enough) last week and she was such a pleasure! She was so kind and down to earth!


  1. Loved this interview! She seems so down to earth and friendly. You did absolutely great Heart and you always look so cute :)

  2. Heart you did an awesome job! I would have been super nervous!
    And Rima is gorgeous, well you both are =)

  3. Yay. You're blogging! Look at you! doing big thangs! I used to work for Miss Universe so seeing this made me HAPPY! Awesome job on the interview boo <3


  4. Heart <3 You did an amazing job hosting and it's very exciting to see you venturing into so many fields! As a huge supporter of what you do and how you continue to inspire, I have an award for you :)